Fantasy in Glass

Okay, some time back, I promised I would post some pic of some of Mrs. Axe’s work in stained glass.  Obviously, she doesn’t just do fantasy work but she has done some.  So without further ado, here are some pics she has done.  We’ll start off with the simple and move to the complex (you can click on the pics for a better view):

These were some very simple unicorns.  Not her original design but they are cute and were easy to make.

This was a faerie design Mrs. Axe found in a book.  She added the wires and beads.  Beautiful glass, if I do say so myself.

Another faerie from the same book, also with some breathtaking colors.  Mrs. Axe added some of her own details (facial features, garland wreath, some of the wiring).  Overall, we were both pleased.

Ah, the barbarian rides again.  This is an original design by her.  Funny story:  a few years back, a stained glass website had a contest to see who could make the best piece incorporating the Celtic rose seen here.  There was a lot of variety … but Mrs. Axe turned the rose into the warrior’s shield design and added the rest of the detail.  It doesn’t show very well in this pic but the sword and axe blade are actually pieces of mirror.

The contest?  Mrs. Axe won first prize.

Ah, our pride.

This one was a joint effort between us.  We worked together on the design and I did the frame for her.  Another original design, that went through lots of versions before we agreed on this one.  We spent a long time finding just the right shades of glass for this one.  This is a large piece – about 2.5 ft by 2 ft. 

I love it. 

We still mean to turn this into a series, with blue, white, and black dragons in various scenes.

As you can see, Mrs. Axe is highly talented (in addition to being a wonderful wife).  I keep telling her she can make a living doing this, with no problem.

And if she does, then I can quit working and just write full time.  Everyone wins!