Short Term Goals for Oct 13 – Review

Okay, doing this one day early, since tomorrow I have some NaNoWriMO to do.  It was a poor month but let's review:

– Finish two short stories.
Fail. Like the last time I did this, in August, I wrote one good story and that was it.  I didn't even get a second one started.

– Post here twice a week, for a total of nine times (on the month)
Partial Success. Counting my short-term posts, I hit nine for the month.  Not ideal but not terrible.  I'll have one more on the month tomorrow.

– Submit six times.
Check. Did exactly that.  Four are still pending, so we'll see.  I likely won't have any submissions next month, as all my writing energy will be bent to NaNoWriMo.

– Peer-review four other stories.
Check. Did just that.

Again, not my best month but I've had worse.


Short Term Goals – Oct 13

First of two posts today, the easy one first.

I wasn't sure I was ready to do this again so soon but since I am doing NaNoWriMo next month and traveling in December, I wouldn't have another chance until next year.  So, here are some modest goals for this month:

– Finish two stories.
– Post here twice a week, for a total of nine times (4.5 weeks in the month).
– Submit six times.
– Peer-review four other stories.

We'll see how I do.  Honestly, I am really looking forward to NaNoWriMo next month.  I just have to settle on which idea I am going to use.

Short Term Goals for Aug 13 – Review

Sorry, I have been AWOL for a while, and will be again.  As of tomorrow, I am off to the southwest to help/pester Mrs. Axe for a few weeks.  But I wanted to revisit these real quick.  It's been an up/down month, so let's see:

– Finish my revisions on Pilgrimage and get to Mrs. Axe and two more beta readers.
Check.  I actually got it to Mrs. Axe and three beta readers.  Minimal feedback so far, for better or worse.

– Write two short stories.
Fail. I finished one good one but nothing else.

– Submit five times.
Check. Made five exact submissions, as I posted the other day, I did have one sale.

– Get ten reviews done for Critters.
Partial success.  I got nine done and got my ratio to a point I don't have to worry about it while I was gone.  Still, I just ran out of steam before I got to ten, and I have done some other off-line reviews for people.

Okay, so not a great month but not terrible either.  Lots more work remains.

Short Term Goals – Aug 13

Meh, I had a million ideas to tackle on this one but I have surrendered to laziness.  But rather than be pompous, overbearing, arrogant, or obtuse-

(Muse:  Too late.)

… I figured I'd throw down some accountability on myself.  So here are my goals for this month:

– Finish my revisions on Pilgrimage and get it to at least two beta readers, not counting Mrs. Axe.
– Write two short stories.
– Submit five times.
– Get ten reviews done on Critters to keep up my ratio (I am seriously behind on this).

We'll see how this goes….

Short Term Goals for Apr 13 – Review

Okay, I had a pretty decent April.  Let's review:

– Finish Pilgrimage to Skara.
Check. Finished this month, with the plan to revise this summer.

– Write one other short story.
Did it. I actually wrote four flash pieces as part of my weekly challenge with my buddy.

– Make three submissions.
Bueno. I managed to do five, and probably could have done more.  Still, I met the goal.

– Post here at least twice a week.
Yarp. Eleven posts for the month, which isn't too bad.

There won't be any goals for May, since I will be doing some work in Arizona for a few weeks, and I have some unfortunate business to take care of at the end of the month.  I should have … more time on my hands come June, so I'll come back and do this next month.

In the meantime, I'm gonna have a beer to celebrate completing all my objectives.  Wait, no beer.  Okay, Diet Mt. Dew it is….

Short Term Goals for Jan 13 – Review

The first month of 2013 is already gone.  Holy crap, that was quick.  Let's review:

– Complete two short stories.
Check.  I got through two and a half.  It probably could have been three if I had focused.

– Complete 6K words on Pilgrimage to Skara.
Partial success.  I topped out around 5000.  Didn't quite make the goal but still not bad, considering that I have had one day off in the last three weeks.

– At least one blog entry a week.
Check.  I am working my post count back up and being more active.  That's good; it puts me in a better frame of mind about writing.

– Submit six times.
Utter failure.  I didn't do it once.  Bah.

Okay, so there it is.  No goals for the next two months, as things are going to be chaotic and crazy as I finish up my time in this region and transition back to North America.  I should be departing this oasis of wonder in about four weeks, and yeah, that feels really good.