“Home” On Everyday Fiction on 6 Dec

Pleased to announce my story, Home will be posted on the website Everyday Fiction on 6 December, which is this coming Saturday.

Everyday Fiction is one of those sites we ought to all be signed up for.  Like Daily Science Fiction, Everyday Fiction will put a flash story in your inbox each day of the week, and their stories cut across all genres.  Check it out, most especially on Saturday, please.

“Home” is a story I shopped for a long while and went through five versions before one found its way to a buyer.  As always, feedback is welcome.


I am pleased as punch to announce that my short story, "You Can't Beat the Metal," will appear in the anthology "Luna's Children," a volume of all werewolf tales.  It's being put out by Dark Oak Press, with publication in four to six months.

I'm doubly tickled to note only have sold a story but again blessed with the chance to help a small market.  After all, every sale I can encourage keeps the little guys on the up and up!

Details forthcoming once I have a firm release date.  Cheers!

EDIT:  A moment ago, I received a form rejection.  So an acceptance and a rejection within twelve hours of each other.  Shrug, can't win 'em all.

Happy Days Are Here Again

I haven't been around much lately, but I have an excuse; I've been in three different countries in the last few weeks, visiting relatives on my temporary reprieve from my desert hideaway.  Trust me, eating turkey with the folks and snuggling with the wife is more fun than writing.  But I am back now, recharged and ready to get back into my job and do some writing.

As I read my email today, I got some good news.  Inspiration struck and I sang a few lines of the ditty in the blog entry title.  Lou Levin need not lose sleep.

But anyway, the good news:  my flash story, "Forgive Me" has been picked up for publication by Postscripts to Darkness, an indie Canadian outfit publishing odd speculative fiction.  Editor reception to the story was quite positive.  It should be in print sometime next fall.

Ring up another one for the 'ole Axe.

Ice cream and mud

First, the ice cream:  my story "A Capella," about an unusual music-maker, was picked up for publication by Arcane Magazine.  The editor, Mr. Nate Shumate, offered some particularly kind words and for those words and taking a chance on a rusted old axe such as myself, I thank him.  Arcane is a relatively new venture but is already generating some good buzz here (and he is interviewed here at Black Gate).  I wish Mr. Shumate and his partner, Sandy Peterson, the best of luck.

Now, the mud:  I read that my friends Carol and Sarah are wrapping up their e-zine, Moon Drenched Fables, and that the June issue will be their last one.  That’s too bad; it was never a large publication but featured some nice prose that had not found a home.  Sarah and Carol are wonderfully nice folk, so I read this with regret but hope that they move on to bigger and better things.

So you take the good with the bad.  An e-zine folds, another begins … a lot like the rest of life.

Daily Update #13

Been a while, hasn’t it?  I need to sweep up some cobwebs around here.  Anyway:

– Last week, I made another sale.  "A Mother’s Joy," about a woman with an unusual birth, will appear in Golden Visions Magazine in April of next year.  Hurrah for Axe!

– In the meantime, I had three other rejections.  Meh.

– Still humming along on the novel and making progress.  I added a few thousand words this week and the plot is working out.  Heh, you know I keep saying the plot is working but I’m waiting for my first review, where they guy says, "This sucked, and the plot is all assed-up!"  At that point, I would have to laugh at myself.  Why not?  There is no point in taking life too seriously; you’ll never get out of it alive.

– I have a story up on Critters this week.  It’s not one of the better ones and riddled with cliches – but I actually enjoyed writing it.  It’s action-oriented and kinda cheesy but what the hell, so is half the crap on the market now.  And like I said, it was fun to write.  Sometimes the best things are the simple ones.

– I am still reading the wolf-lady’s novel.  I was a little optimistic on my time-line to get it read but I know I still owe the blog here a full review.  It’s coming along, as I have time.  Work has been flogging me like Kirk Douglas in Spartacus.

– This video will make absolutely no sense if you are unfamiliar with the Jim Henson fantasy movie The Dark Crystal.  If you are familiar with it – and you have the same kind of warped sense of humor I have – you will probably laugh hysterically.  If you don’t, you’ll wonder what the hell is wrong with me.  You might do both.

– Finally, I once again encourage folks to tune in to AMC Sunday night at 10PM Eastern for the premiere of The Walking Dead.  I’m a fan of the comic book series, which is a great example of group-dynamic in a time of crisis.  It’s being directed by Frank Darabont, director of the movie Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile, and thus far, looks really good.

That’s it for today.  In the words of Stan Lee, Excelsior!

Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

I found out today that a story of mine, "A Bird in the Hand," was accepted for publication by the quarterly mag "Aoife’s Kiss."

Slap me with a salmon.  I actually did a little happy dance when I got the news.  What would I do if I sold a novel?  I might have to put on some Bee Gees and dance the night through.  And if that mental candy isn’t enough to make you queasy, then you are made of iron.

Publication will be next year; I will update as news is available.


Well, I found out yesterday that my last sale my not be published, as the company is seriously rethinking their e-book venture.


Major blow to the ego, less so to the pocketbook.  The bigger pisser is that I wrote that story ("The King of Belmer") specifically for that anthology and will probably have a hard time fitting it anywhere else.  I spent a lot of time – disproportionate to what it was worth – on this story.  Lovecraftian horror isn’t my strong point (somewhere, my muse is mumbling, "You don’t have a strong point!" and I’m backhanding her and yelling, "Quiet, slut!") but I thought this one came out fairly well.  Once word is official, I will try another venue but my confidence in this tale is low.

Since I finished The Mistborn Trilogy and nothing else Sanderson wrote seems interesting at the moment, I am going to try The Eyes of God by John Marco.  No idea who he is, and never heard of the book.  But I read the first ten pages and it might work.  If nothing else, it’s 700+ pages thick, so will keep me busy for a while.

And on a side blurb, I finally moved into my apartment here in Omaha.  Stupid internet will probably not be up until Wednesday (today is Saturday), so I’ll have to go ‘cross the street to the Starbucks to check my email for a few days.  Otherwise, I stare at the walls and imagine where I will put things when my stuff arrives.

See?  I managed to hold off the whiny topic from the other day for at least one more entry….  But the more I peruse the shelves at Borders, and the more I read online "professional" mags like Clarkesworld and Fantasy Magazine, the more it is building….

Will I succumb – or will I fight if off for a second round?  Stay tuned!