“State of Horror: Lousiana, Vol II” Out and About!

So, as I mentioned at the beginning of the month, I had a story coming out in the themed anthology – the aptly named “State of Horror: Louisiana.”  It is out now on Amazon (paperback, with Kindle hopefully to follow), Barnes and Noble, and the iStore.

“The King of Belmer” was one of my first attempts at something Cthulu-esque, and the published version is a second version.  I think it came our better than the first attempt … but y’all can decide for yourself.

Edit:  Amazon Kindle version is up now as well.


“The King of Belmer” due out soon

Sometime ago (okay, I looked, the post was here, and yes, because I have not reformatted that far back, it still looks like ass), I had a story called The King of Belmer released in a small-press series titled “State Of Horror.”  The idea was a series of anthologies, each of which centered on the horrific tales set in a single state.  I wrote King as an homage to Cthulu, as it were, and set it deep in the bayous of Louisiana.

Well, the imprint eventually went nowhere but the whole line was acquired by Charon Coin Press and is getting some fresh life.  According to my sources, State of Horror: Louisiana Vol I and II should be released soon – hopefully within the next month.  Since I was part of the original release, I was invited back and King will get new life as part of Vol II.

I tinkered with the story and think it is better now.  The protagonist and antagonist both have better dimension and it resolves a little more cleanly.  In any event, I am excited to see it in print, and I will let y’all know when it’s out.

And please check out some of CCP’s other offerings.  Right now, they have a nifty series of interviews up on their front page, all featuring women horror authors, and they have some more “states” upcoming in the anthology series.  As someone who likes a good creepy moment, all I can say as I am on board!

“Home” On Everyday Fiction on 6 Dec

Pleased to announce my story, Home will be posted on the website Everyday Fiction on 6 December, which is this coming Saturday.

Everyday Fiction is one of those sites we ought to all be signed up for.  Like Daily Science Fiction, Everyday Fiction will put a flash story in your inbox each day of the week, and their stories cut across all genres.  Check it out, most especially on Saturday, please.

“Home” is a story I shopped for a long while and went through five versions before one found its way to a buyer.  As always, feedback is welcome.

“You Can’t Beat The Metal” out on Amazon now

So ….

Hmmm.  It seems that I have very little to say.

(Muse:  You have been away a long, long time.  Naughty boy.)

I have.  Rebuilding a house has been the biggest challenge of my life, including being married to a firecracker of a wife and 20 years of military service.  Things have subsided a little, so trying to get back in the game here.

Anyway, brief, announcement.  My story, “You Can’t Beat the Metal,” is out now on Amazon in the werewolf compilation, “Luna’s Children:  Stranger Worlds“.  The volume contains a wide variety of werewolf stories.  Mine is set just after World War I and has a little steampunk-ish influence on it.

There is a companion book called, “Luna’s Children: Full Moon Mayhem” that I have not yet read.  Hopefully, it will be good too.

Anyway, check them out.

Forgive Me

My story, Forgive Me, is out in Volume 4 of the Canadian horror magazine Postscripts to Darkness.  PSTD is an small-press anthology series with a bunch of good stories, so check it out.  My story is flash-length, with a mother being forced into an awful decision.  I was suitably happy with the story but not really creeped out – until I saw the illustration they threw up to go along with it.  I can barely look at it now without shuddering.

You can order copies here, and according to their page, they are putting out e-versions soon.  I hope so, 'cause they really need a shopping cart interface on their page.  Anyone interested, I recommend you just contact them.

Anyway, another story in print.