2014 Hugo Award Winners Announced

2014 Hugo Awards have been announced.  You can read about the winners here on Tor.com.  The Hugo Awards are chosen by the members of Worldcon (the World Science Fiction Convention) at their annual gathering.

I was neutral on this year’s nominees and winners.  With all that is going on, I have not kept up on my reading this year so I am embarrassed to say that I haven’t read any of the novel nominees – something I shall have to correct.  On the other hand, I did read 3 of the 4 short story nominees and think they picked the right one.

The pro magazine selection was exactly the same as last year’s nominations and I was disappointed Beneath Ceaseless Skies did not take it, again, because it is an awesome venue.  Also, the fanzine nominees for the last few years has been all sci-fi based, with few, if any (I didn’t see any going back to 2011) fantasy magazines.

I will also add that the winners of the 2014 Chesley Awards, given for the year’s best scif-fi or fantasy artwork, were also announced a few days ago but I know little about those.  You can read more here.