Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break-a My Stride

Nobody’s gonna slow me down, oh no, I got to keep on moving.

(Muse:  I have no words for what I’m hearing.)

Yeah, I know.  Matthew Wilder doesn’t need to lose any sleep.

But that brings me to the point:  what happens when you do slow down, when you can’t keep moving?  What happens when your motivation flags and you find yourself in some kind of barren desert of writing, where nothing comes out?  I have no idea what most people do but I found this article on Writetodone.  I don’t agree with everything they write bit this one wasn’t bad.  It basically says people should break down tasks into what’s difficult and what’s not, and do the easy stuff on days when they are not motivated.  If they aren’t feeling it on a given day, they should send out some queries, outline a blog post, or just do some housekeeping on their version control rather than try to power through the hard stuff.

Interesting take and I thought it would be worth posting.  And in the event that it does help you, my dear reader, then don’t slow down.  Keep on moving.


Critique Groups, or, “That $%^&* said what about my story?!”

This evening, I read this blog entry about critique groups.  The post makes some very good points about being careful when you get peer feedback.  It’s worth it for any author to check it out.

(Hat tip to E.L. Wagner – thanks for pointing this out.)