About Jonathan S. Pembroke

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Jonathan S. Pembroke is a lifelong fan of speculative fiction. He cut his teeth reading superhero comics and grew up on the works of Stephen King, Michael Moorcock, and Larry Niven. He has published a number of short stories in small venues over the last decade. His first novel, Pilgrimage to Skara, a low-fantasy/sci-fi story set far in Earth’s future and is available on Amazon for Kindle. Jonathan has also started working on an unrelated fantasy series, Princess of the North.  The first volume, Scion of Andoya, is undergoing revision and the second, Empress in Waiting, is in progress.

He started this blog on a whim, mostly to babble about writing and spec-fiction across different media. His muse–the hyperactive part of his brain that nags him to write more–drops in to offer her opinion now and again.

Jonathan graduated from a large midwestern university and served in the military for twenty years. He now lives in the American Southwest with his wife Lisa and a horde of unruly dogs.


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