About Jonathan S. Pembroke

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Jonathan S. Pembroke is a lifelong fan of speculative fiction. He cut his teeth reading superhero comics and grew up on the works of Stephen King, Michael Moorcock, and Larry Niven. He has published a number of short stories in small venues over the last decade. His first novel, Pilgrimage to Skara, a low-fantasy/sci-fi story set far in Earth’s future is ready for publication and is searching for a home. Jonathan has also started on the first book of an unrelated fantasy series, Princess of the North.

He started this blog on a whim, mostly to babble about writing and spec-fiction across different media. His muse – the hyperactive part of his brain that nags him to write more – drops in to offer her opinion now and again.

Jonathan graduated from a large midwestern university and served in the military for twenty years. He now lives in the American Southwest with his wife Lisa and a horde of unruly dogs.


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