Excelsior! Part 3

(This is my third year of posting a summary of my writing and word counts, so part three.)

So …

Another year under the belt. In terms of word production, 2022 was my worst year since 2019. I ended up penning around 280K new words this year, so lemme break it down:

Tales of Bleakwater

This year, I published two novellas in my new series: No Rest For Wicked Thieves (March) and The Burnt Ends of Bad Ideas (October). These have been fun stories to tell and I really like the primary characters Kayla and Mara. Their sister dynamic is a little different than Sydney and Marla’s and the reception has generally been pretty good. This is an open-ended series and while I have an end to the story in mind, I want to keep telling stories–one or two a year–for a while. It’s a great filler around my other projects. I also published the second short story (available for free at Bookfunnel!) in the series, which details what happened to thief and lady-killer Jack Mercury during the events of Burnt Ends.

I started tinkering around the edges of the third book (The Gray Beast Strikes at Night), which I look to put out toward the end of 2023. All the writing for this series consumed about 55K words.

Way of the Pathfinder

Cradle of the Old Weapons, the long-awaited–

Muse: Long-awaited by whom? You got a mouse in your pocket?

Shaddup. The long-awaited sequel to Pilgrimage to Skara, Cradle will be out (I hope) in February. Skara was my first published novel and has been edited/revised a few times. Even so, placing the two books side-by-side, I think it is inescapable that Cradle is the better-written book–better characterization, better pace. It’s nice to feel like I’ve made progress as an author over the last six years, learned something, and actually improved my craft. I sunk about 60K words into Cradle and it should be going to my proofreader after the holidays.

Holly Sisters: The Coming Storm

I’ve been working on the first book of the second trilogy for Sydney and crew, following the events of Sylvan Valley Aflame. In this one, Sydney and her companion end up far to the west of Woodhollow in the course of their wandering the world and as usual, get into trouble. This one introduces races and settings with an Arabic-inspired mythology to the Woodhollow-verse. I’m hoping to have the first book out in the second half of 2023. I added about 25K words to that first draft effort, which brings it to around 60K total.

Untitled All-Ages Fantasy

So, this was something I started and plan to get out this year. I’ve been doing a lot of live sales events and at almost every one, I have someone ask me if I have anything suitable for mid-grade or young adult readers. I don’t, really, since all of my fiction is written at an adult level. But I want to put something on the table that is suitable for younger readers, even if I don’t push it elsewhere. It’ll be under a different pen name, just to avoid target audience confusion. I got about 30K into this one, with plans to top out around 80K and with the plot where it is, I seem to be on pace.

Adult Writing

I sank around 90K words into my erotica writing, which was a major step down from previous years. I only published four stories in the last twelve months, though I have multiple stories languishing on the hard drive in various states of repair–ie, which aren’t good enough to share. Still committed to working this genre, along with my romance, but my fantasy publishing goals are punishing, so–given the vagaries of life–something will probably give and it will probably be this.


I had a couple of other things (minor prompts with friends, short stories that may become something larger) that consumed the last 20K or so.

That’s it. I have another post in mind for the blog (that’s not about me) but I’ll save it for this week, and kick off the new year on the blog with a bang. In the meantime, everyone have a great day!


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