Book Day! And onto the future!

So …

New book day! My second book in the Tales of Bleakwater, series, The Burnt Ends of Bad Ideas, is now live and in the wild. This volume focuses on Kayla’s sister Mara as she struggles to find her purpose after the events of No Rest for Wicked Thieves. Links on the book page.

With release, I’ve finished all the administrivia associated with a new book and that means I can sit back and have a smoke and a cognac, and do nothing, right? Well, no. Here’s what’s coming up:

  • I have a short story that takes place after Burnt Ends which should be posted at the end of the month for free on Bookfunnel. If you want to know what happened to Jack Mercury, this one will tell you!
  • The long-awaited (by a handful of people) sequel to Pilgrimage to Skara is now with my beta readers. Cradle of the Old Weapons picks up the events in Collum ten years after Wendt and Keilie’s trek and struggle to overthrow the old despot. Circumstances will bring them back together again and on another desperate journey. Writing this one, and comparing it to Skara, made me realize how far I’ve come as a writer. Expected release: around the end of 2022
  • I’m working on the first draft of the newest Sydney book, chronicling her journeys. It should be out next summer.
  • The next Bleakwater book, The Gray Beast Strikes at Night. While Mara muddles about the city, Kayla heads into the wilderness to decipher her role as the high priestess to the wolf God Chalion–and faces a threat to man and wolf alike. It’ll be out sometime next year.

Anyway, lots of moving pieces but lots of stuff coming soon. Looks to be an exciting year!


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