Just a Brief Catch-Up

Hey, all. Sorry I have not been very active lately. It has been a busy, busy spring. I have a few ideas for posts here, that I will try to get to in coming days.

But a few things before I get to that.

First, the newest version of Pilgrimage to Skara is up and posted now, with a fresh edit and a new cover! It’s also available in paperback for the first time. Links and the new cover on the book page.

I have been writing. First drafts of the next book in the Bleakwater series, The Burnt Ends of Bad Ideas, and the sequel to Skara, titled Cradle of the Old Weapons, are complete and should be out later this year–the first around Sep-Oct and the second Nov-Dec. The next book in the Woodhollow-verse, featuring Sydney’s adventures in the wider world, is planned for next spring and has a tentative title of, The Emerald Gates.

I’ve also updated my master book list page (clicking directly on Books! in the top menu bar or here) with some upcoming plans, which should keep me busy writing for the next few years.

Anyway, brief entry to let everyone know I am still out here. Cheers!

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