So, Book News!

All right, to start with, I have a set date for my first novella in my new series, Tales of Bleakwater . The opening book, No Rest for Wicked Thieves (Amazon link) features Kayla Tanglebrush, a world-weary burglar caught between her past and her present. First book is available for e-book pre-order, with the paperback available in a few weeks.

Tales is planned as on ongoing series of novellas and I am optimistically planning to release two a year. The first draft of book two, The Burnt Ends of Bad Ideas, is almost done and it should be out later this year, and I have the next two plotted for 2023.

But wait! In the meantime, there is a free short story available on Bookfunnel, Between a Box and a Hard Place (link), to introduce the reader to Kayla’s world. No sign-up required! I intend to sprinkle more short works in between the novellas as we go.

In other news:

  • I am almost done with the first draft of the follow-up to my first novel, Pilgrimage to Skara, which will be titled Pilgrimage to Tyman. A quick blurb:

Ten years after the events of Skara, Keilie Kettiburg–now the Ajudicar of Collum–is confronted with a powerful new enemy … one that can completely negate her power. She turns to the only man she trusts to help her. Older, tired, and dying of sickness, Pell Wendt agrees to accompany Keilie yet again, in defense of the lives of all the people in Collum.

I am looking at later this year for this one. Also, Skara will be getting a new cover this year, along with a fresh edit and will be available in paperback.

  • I started a new series starring Sydney, the faery protagonist of The Holly Sisters. Planned as a duology, it follows Sydney after she leaves Sylvan Valley and heads into the wider world after the events of Sylvan Valley Aflame. This will be followed up by several more books following other characters who survived the first series, before I bring them all back together. The first book should be out next year.
  • I am still working on my series tentatively called The Sentinel. I began revising the second book and broke ground on the first draft of the third. This is planned as a four-book series. I might get the first book out next year, depending.

So … ambitious, maybe, but I have a lot to keep me busy. In any event, I hope you all are well and keep on reading.


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