The Long Slow Slog of Life


Been six months since I populated this space and … well, lots has happened.

Real life has been an adventure.  On a down note, health concerns for close family members have eaten up a lot of time.  I’ve been helping with health care–which is a) exhausting and b) gives me new appreciation for health care professionals.   The outlook is hopeful but the day-to-day challenges are real and it’s added a lot of stress.  Car problems, maintenance on the property, some business issues., navigating the holidays.  I won’t dwell on the fact that this is the snowiest winter I have seen since I moved here five years ago, which has had an impact on travel and had us going through our firewood at an alarming rate…and that has sent the ole’ stress levels soaring to new heights.

Muse:  Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?

I won’t say it’s been fun, so I have to take a Nietzchean approach and pray it’s made me stronger.

Muse:  Did you get any writing done?

Well, yes actually.  In spite of all that, I did.

For one, I gave Daughters of Andoya, the first book of my near-to-my-heart project, the Princess of the North saga, to a well-read and well-placed colleague in fantasy review circles.  That person was generally complimentary in broad terms.  I have a rough draft of book 2 (Empress In Waiting) done and need to start revisisons.

But I took some time off from that and started a new series, which I’ve really been enjoying.  That book, titled Rumble in Woodhollow, is done and having some beta reads right now.   The story centers around two faery sisters, Sydney and Marla, who run a criminal gang.  I tried to keep the tone snarky, the action brisk, and the humor dark.  So far, it seems to be working.  I’m looking at pushing it out this summer.  I’ve about got the plot synopsis for the second book of that series (The Mauler) worked out and am going to start working on it soon.

I’ve also turned out a short story or two and finished another just today.

So, things are going okay.  Life knocks you down and you have to get back up, right?

Seeing Rumble in Woodhollow on the shelves will go along ways to keepin’ me on my feet.

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