Birthday Blues


Birthday today. Forty…something. Another year of cheating death. Another year older.

(Muse: And uglier, don’t forget that.)


Sorry for the misleading title. My mood isn’t blue as much as it is reflective. Thinking back over the past year and where I stand, writing-wise.

On the upside, I entered the SPFBO (written about in previous entries), with mixed results. Learned a lot from that. I have finished two books in what I hope will be a five-book series, though starting to question whether it is, and I quote, “good enough.” Feedback on that project has also been mixed.

I’ve written a few short stories and started another fantasy series, which should be three books when I finish. Reeled off 10K words in the last week, which is pretty good for me.

On the downside, it’s been two years since I pushed Pilgrimage to Skara out for self-publishing and I haven’t put out anything since. Looking at the state of my projects, it will probably be next year before I do get one out. I also got some feedback on a non-novel project that basically let me know that I was pissing in the wind in that particular venue (if that sounds vague, it is deliberately so, because I’m not trying to call anyone out right now). I still love writing but I have gone through periods of self-doubt this year and really wondered at my end goals.

And keeping up with this blog has been abysmal, though I blame that on the amount of time I’ve been busy this summer in the gardens and what not. That’s not the real reason, but that’s what I am blaming.

Like I said, very reflective.

Mid-forties. I probably have twenty to forty good years of life left. What do I want to do with my writing in that span? I guess just one step at a time and see what we see.

One thought on “Birthday Blues

  1. Happy Birthday. It sounds like you’re in that place where your heart feels like writing one thing but your brain says something else, and they are both right. Bugger!


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