Game Writers for SFWA


I stumbled on this interesting article.  Essentially, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America are working to accept, as members, scribes for video games.  Based on this article and a few links, there seems to be some confusion over the criteria, which Cat Rambo (SWFA’s Prez) is working to smooth out.

This seemed inevitable to me.  A lot of the older crowd may still look down on gaming as “kid’s play,” but that only ignores the omnipresence of gaming in American life.  (Has anyone not heard of Pokemon Go, recently?)  There a lot of gamers out there and there a lot of games written with some really killer plots-n-scripts.  Bioshock.  Dragon Age.  Mass Effect.  I could go on.  Is there any reason why this medium shouldn’t considered writing?

Sounds like they will even (eventually) be eligible for their own awards.

Anyway, I  thought this was something worth sharing.


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