The Necessary Evil That is Social Media


Yeah, I’ve been gone a while.  Sue me.

Even though I have neglected my blog here for a bit, I have stayed active on Twitter (mirrored on Facebook).  I try to read the posts of the people I follow and try not to let more than a day or two go by without some vague witticism or snarky observation.

(Muse:  You mean, you try to be entertaining?  Ease up on the thesaurus.)

I read a lot of interesting things.  Not a few infuriating ones too.  But sometime last week, I realized something:  I was doing a lot more tweeting and scrolling than I was writing, or even reading.

Yeah, that’s a party foul.

At the same time, I understand the allure of Twitter and Facebook.  Not so much as a playground but as a way to meet and network with people.  I’ve met some well-known authors and even conversed with a few, here and there.  Picked up some advise.  Whether intended specifically for me or not, I’ve gotten some guidance.  I’ve seen people stumble and taken care to avoid those pitfalls.  Never mind the fact that I can spread the word on my works being published at the speed of a finger snap.

They are great platforms, just because it is so simple to reach out people, and quickly.  I want to maintain the platform.  At the same time…shit, it easy to get sucked in.  But it really is kind of…well, necessary.

(Muse:  Lotsa people already know theses things.)

Yeah.  Johnny-come-lately.  I get that.

Anyway, I am blaming that for my absence.  Unless I can come up with a better excuse.


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