“The King of Belmer” due out soon

Sometime ago (okay, I looked, the post was here, and yes, because I have not reformatted that far back, it still looks like ass), I had a story called The King of Belmer released in a small-press series titled “State Of Horror.”  The idea was a series of anthologies, each of which centered on the horrific tales set in a single state.  I wrote King as an homage to Cthulu, as it were, and set it deep in the bayous of Louisiana.

Well, the imprint eventually went nowhere but the whole line was acquired by Charon Coin Press and is getting some fresh life.  According to my sources, State of Horror: Louisiana Vol I and II should be released soon – hopefully within the next month.  Since I was part of the original release, I was invited back and King will get new life as part of Vol II.

I tinkered with the story and think it is better now.  The protagonist and antagonist both have better dimension and it resolves a little more cleanly.  In any event, I am excited to see it in print, and I will let y’all know when it’s out.

And please check out some of CCP’s other offerings.  Right now, they have a nifty series of interviews up on their front page, all featuring women horror authors, and they have some more “states” upcoming in the anthology series.  As someone who likes a good creepy moment, all I can say as I am on board!


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