Welcome to the New Hatchet


It’s taken a while but I finally made the move to bring my blog, The Flint Hatchet, over to WordPress from Livejournal. This is something long in the offing but it took me a while to get off my ass.

I will apologize up front for the format, font, and general lack of organization present at the moment. I imported my old blog entries from LJ and – not shockingly – the format of each post was lost or went wonky. I’m working on getting all the old posts reformatted (as of this writing, I think I have made it back through September of last year) but it is going to take some time. I’m sure there will also be some experiments with the site layout and such, so please bear with me.

The important thing, dear friends, is that you came along with me. Expect all the same fun and excitement as before. Try to contain yourselves.


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