“You Can’t Beat The Metal” out on Amazon now

So ….

Hmmm.  It seems that I have very little to say.

(Muse:  You have been away a long, long time.  Naughty boy.)

I have.  Rebuilding a house has been the biggest challenge of my life, including being married to a firecracker of a wife and 20 years of military service.  Things have subsided a little, so trying to get back in the game here.

Anyway, brief, announcement.  My story, “You Can’t Beat the Metal,” is out now on Amazon in the werewolf compilation, “Luna’s Children:  Stranger Worlds“.  The volume contains a wide variety of werewolf stories.  Mine is set just after World War I and has a little steampunk-ish influence on it.

There is a companion book called, “Luna’s Children: Full Moon Mayhem” that I have not yet read.  Hopefully, it will be good too.

Anyway, check them out.


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