Personal Progress


Been a long time, dear friends.  Well, a few weeks.  A lot has changed.

For one, I am retired from military service.  At the ripe old age of … well, let’s just say under 50.  I am no longer beholden to “the man.”  I call my own shots and answer to no one, save Mrs. Axe and that pesky bitch in the back corner of my brain.

(Muse:  I heard that!)

I also relocated and now reside, permanently, in the desert southwest with my sweetie.  That means not only are Mrs. Axe and I caught up in a second honeymoon but I get to see my precocious and adorable 3.5-year-old granddaughter a little more often.  We are still working on repairing the house and coping with the interesting beasts roaming nearby (and that’s just the townsfolk) but I want to bring my presence back here for good.

I have a whole plethora of stuff to talk about.  I am working on a post that should come up tomorrow, I have several short stories to be released in the next few months, I’m still working on getting Pilgrimage out to agents, and work on the new book series continues.

Anyway, please hang out and enjoy.  More to come.


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