Thoughts on the “No-Response = No” Policy

So in following up with my last post, I read a little more about the idea that some literary agents have the posted policy that no response means an implied rejection.  I honestly don’t have any issue with this policy, as long as it is stated outright at the beginning.  One the agents I referenced did say it explicitly in their submission instructions.  I think is fair; I knew what I was getting into.  But what about when there is no policy and you just don’t hear back?  Awkward.  I am reminded of this post I made last year where the venue (for short stories) just said, “Oh yeah, if you didn’t hear back, we didn’t want you.”  In both cases, it would be nice to know that going in.

Anyway, here are some older blog posts from literary agents on the pro and con side of a no-response policy.  Makes for interesting reading.


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