Biiiiiig Changes


Life has an equal amount of humor and tragedy, kind of like when a clown is set on fire.  As I sit here at my desk and spin words into the void, I realize that I haven’t visited my old blog for a month.

Big changes coming up in the next few months.  I’ll be retiring from military service.  I am relocating from my temporary midwest locale to my home in the bucolic mountains of northern Arizona.

(Muse:  The one that almost burned down?)

Yeah, and there’s that to cope with.  Issues with family, and what not.  Bank snarls and trouble there.  It is all becoming one rich tapestry of stress and confusion.

Through it all, still finding some time to write.  I shelved Shattered Colossus.  Even though I have the four-book series pretty-well outlined, I just wasn’t feeling it.  I can always re-visit later, though I’ve said the same about any number of stories I left in limbo.  I wrote a few short stories, one of which I am using as the basis to start a new book series.  I tentatively titled the first book Princess of the North.  It’s my initial experiment in writing a novel-length story in first-person, so we’ll see what we see.

Some good news.  I did get some writing done, and I keep kicking Pilgrimage out the door to agents.  Mrs. Axe has been doing some new artwork and is coming along nicely in expanding her repertoire.  She’ll be here in a little over  a week to escort me home and I certainly cannot complain about that.

I will make a good faith effort to keep up with things here as I go.  Feel free to message me and give me a kick in the butt as a I fall behind.


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