Those Destructive Hussies

I saw over on Cat Rambo’s blog this entry for an issue of Fantasy Magazine called Women Destroying Fantasy.  (It is not quite as destructive as it sounds.)  Unfortunately for me, entries are restricted to female writers.  I have the utmost respect for Cat and wish her, and Fantasy Magazine, the best (FM guidelines for this issue here).

Still, I wonder what would have happened if a magazine had a call for just male authors….  I am fully versed on the privilege/diversity arguments and would expect to hear them all.  I understand the arguments, on an intellectual level.  At the same time, I wonder, “Are we equal?  Or aren’t we?”  Why do we insist on dividing ourselves?  Does is sounds odd that I want to cheer on Fantasy magazine and wish for their success and still be disappointed in them at the same time?

(Muse:  Awful deep thoughts for you, especially on a Saturday morning.  How much have you had to drink?)

Too much.  Or not enough, depending on how you split it.  Hey Muse, you’re female.  Care to submit in my stead?

(Muse:  Doesn’t work that way, cupcake.)

Ah well.

Anyway, fem friends go check this out and see if you can submit something.  Man friends make sure to follow up and read it, even if you grumble about it.


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