Toiling in the Cursed Earth


In the course of my daily rummaging, I stumbled across this article from the Guardian.  The article has excerpts from nine different authors discuss whether writing for a living is a joy or a chore.  It’s a little dated but it’s a good read.

This is a tough road to hoe.  I love writing and I love to be paid for it even more (as little as that has actually happened).  But like any job, there are days when I sit down, I just don’t want to do it, and I have to force myself – and that point, I do worry that I may come to hate it.  In the article, Scottish author A. L. Kennedy says:  To use a not ridiculous analogy: Sex = nice thing. Sex For Cash = probably less fun, perhaps morally uncomfy and psychologically unwise. That’s not far off the mark.

I guess what it comes down to is:  would you do it even if you weren’t getting paid?  If so, I say it is hard for the joy to ever die altogether.



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