NaNoWriMo 2013 – Postmortem


NaNoWriMo officially ended yesterday.  Here are the stats from the last week and two days:

Nov 22: 1023 words
Nov 23: 3353 words
Nov 24: 2089 words
Nov 25: 1463 words  <–topped 50K here
Nov 26: 1298 words
Nov 27: 491 words

Grand Total:  51891 words

I won't add the last couple of days, as I pretty much flopped.  Burned out and weary, I caved in and didn't do anything over the final three days of the month.

So what did I get out of this?

1) As always, it's good to challenge one's self.  I took up the challenge and was able to do it.

2) I have the core of a workable story.  It doesn't much matter that I deviated from the my initial concept from the get-go (the main character ended up not finding any scrap of paper at the farm).  It also doesn't matter that the subject matter became more family-friendly than initially intended.  Part of this was the result of emailing it back and forth to work and not wanting to get it hung up in filters, or getting myself flagged for some rather wretched violence, swearing, and sodomy.  (Yes, all those were part of the initial plan.)   I think the characters are believable without being over the top and there is some potential here.

3) It has kept my love of writing alive.  Over time, as life stresses wax and wane, I find myself looking away from writing, and at doing other stuff.  Sometimes I just need to reinvigorate myself.  Even though I didn't work on the project for the last couple of days, I did revise some other works and did a handful of submissions over the weekend.  My mind is tumbling with ideas and I like it when I get here (active and excited about writing as a whole).

On the whole, no complaints.  I'll have to look at doing it again next year.  To any reading that gave it a shot, I hope it was as helpful for you.


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