NaNoWriMo 2013 – Week 3 Update

So I have been doing this for three weeks straight.  This is where it starts to get hard, where I go, "Ugh, could I just take a day off?"  And my Muse fires back, cracking her whip, and says, "No!  You get your quota done!  No days off!"

(Muse:  Don't act like you don't like it, baby.)

It's not so much that I am not enjoying the writing or that I even resent "having" to meet a certain deadline.  There is just so much I already know I want to go back and fix, change, and enhance.  And I don't have quite enough mojo to do both that and churn out 2K words each and every day.  I am glad I only have one more week to go, but as with the last post, I am on pace to hit 50K words on 25 Nov.  When I do, we'll see what happens.

Nov 15:  1847 words
Nov 16:  2686 words
Nov 17:  2156 words
Nov 18:  1858 words
Nov 19:  1867 words
Nov 20:  2026 words
Nov 21:  1787 words

All right.  Once more, into the breach.  One more week.

(Muse:  And two days.)


(Muse:  Don't make me get the paddle.)



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