Short Term Goals for Oct 13 – Review

Okay, doing this one day early, since tomorrow I have some NaNoWriMO to do.  It was a poor month but let's review:

– Finish two short stories.
Fail. Like the last time I did this, in August, I wrote one good story and that was it.  I didn't even get a second one started.

– Post here twice a week, for a total of nine times (on the month)
Partial Success. Counting my short-term posts, I hit nine for the month.  Not ideal but not terrible.  I'll have one more on the month tomorrow.

– Submit six times.
Check. Did exactly that.  Four are still pending, so we'll see.  I likely won't have any submissions next month, as all my writing energy will be bent to NaNoWriMo.

– Peer-review four other stories.
Check. Did just that.

Again, not my best month but I've had worse.


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