Daily Update #31

So ….

I had a long post written about taking chances and sticking your neck out as a writer but I just wasn't feeling it.  Instead, I am sitting her flipping channels between watching my alma mater struggle in football and a rerun of Transformers.  But anyway:

– My output has been pitiful this month.  No further words needed.

– My plans for Pilgrimage are going to get pushed back.  For various reasons, my test readers have not panned out so far and I know it needs some revision.  I still plan on doing NaNoWriMo in a few days, so I have to shelve it at least until December.

– Speaking of which, I think I have my concept and general plot line down for NaNoWriMo and I am kind of excited to get on with it.  Starts Friday.

– I received an interesting rejection letter from one publication.  I had received a previous one from that same venue some months ago that had said that aspects of the story were good, they enjoyed the dialogue, but it wasn't right for them.  Okay.  So I ended up submitting a different story.  My rejection letter?  Same verbiage.  Makes me wonder how much they "enjoyed" the dialogue, since that seems to be part of the form letter.

– On a message board I frequent, I offered some advice to a question asked, only to be passive-aggressively insulted by a third poster (who essentially belittled every response by a male to the question).  I was really pissed for a little bit but part of my mind was churned and coalesced around a story plot line.  Turning a negative into a positive….

That's all for now.


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