Warning, Temper Tantrums Incoming


This entry of authors throwing a fit on Amazon reviews is a little dated (last entry on the blog is from eight months ago) but the lessons are still pertinent.  I, thankfully, don't know any authors that act like this but I think we all know people in other venues who do.  We see them in restaurants when they get their steak rare instead of medium-rare, we see them on American Idol when they are told they have no future in the singing industry.  First reaction is to act implode, scream, and start sucking their thumb.

I just don't see how you can be in this industry and be thin-skinned.  Good God, even things with near-universal appeal (The Godfather, ice cream, and puppies) have their detractors.  You do this long enough, and you WILL have someone tell you that you suck at it.  It happens to me about once a week.

Shake it up and drive on.  Or hit the heavy bag in your garage.  But when you seek out negative reviews and spew bile over them, you are – in those reviewers minds – just making their point for them.

Object lessons for us all.


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