It Was a Stark and Dormy Night

No, I didn't write that, John DeChancie did in one of his Castle Perilous books.  But it seemed to go along with this blog entry, which is a list of entries extracted from the best – and by that, I mean worst – made-up first lines of novels.  Some of them are so-so but some of them are hilarious.  Sadly, a few actually make decent opening lines for the right kind of story.  Here is one that gave me a particular out-loud snort:

As the sun dropped below the horizon, the safari guide confirmed the approaching cape buffaloes were herbivores, which calmed everyone in the group, except for Herb, of course.

Go read the rest, they are amusing.

And in the story to the title line in this post, the character in the scene was a college student living on campus (dormy) who was having a life crisis (stark) at night (night).  So even silly opening lines can have a second layer of depth.


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