Piercing the Veil

The query process is pretty important to professional submissions but it is something of a mystery to many starting (and veteran) writers.  So I always enjoy getting feedback on what the agents and publishers themselves see and – well, what they endure.

Fellow author Erik Larsen (his blog here) provided a link to a blurb by Carlie Webber of CK Webber Associates.  She reviewed 60 submissions in 60 minutes and provided feedback on each one.  I guess what shocked me about this is the sheer number of submissions that:

– did not meet the agency's genre interests
– were riddled with poor grammar
– did not describe anything about their story

Maybe a full third of the submissions never even got their sample pages read because of a very poor query letter.  That's unforgivable – not on the part of the agent but on the author.

Best efforts, people, every time.

(Muse:  That means you too, you know.)

Yes it does.


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