Daily Update #30

Okay, so not a ton to report:

– I finished my story "The Burning Man" and gave it off to a friend for review.  The seed is there, I just don't have it quite right yet.  The theme is somewhat Nietzsche-an, in the context of fighting monsters.  I'll have to keep revising it because this might be one of my best ones.

– I am ready to revise "Pilgrimage to Skara."  Since I finished back in Apr, I've made some additional notes and figured out a way to expand some of the political intrigue and basically tighten it up.  Mrs. Axe is still visiting so I have been spending time with her vice working on it.  She'll head back to the desert in a week.  The goal is to finish my revisions and have it submitted to my first publisher by Halloween.

– The reason I want to be done by Halloween is I have every intention of doing NaNoWriMo this year.  I wanted to the last two years and sluffed it off due to my trip to the Middle East.  Not this time.  I have an idea ready (a few, actually) and am actually psyched about it.

– Richard Matheson died this last week.  After reading I am Legend and What Dreams May Come, I can say that he was one of my distinct influences.  One of the best compliments one of my stories ever received was a favorable comparison to his work.  It seems like every week we lose one of the giants….

– I really like my smart phone.  Mrs. Axe and I resisted for a long time with our old flip phones but finally, under pressure from our boy, got with the 21st century.  It's useful.  While driving not too long ago, I was able to use the voice-to-text to capture the details of a story idea (think a 1920s muscle beach but with steam-driven cyborgs) before I forgot it.  Makes me wonder what else I could do with technology if I stopped fighting it.

– I fixed my link on the left to Brandon Sanderson's site.  It was pointed to the site for comic book artist Brandon Peterson.  Artists and authors all look alike, right?  Anyway, it's fixed now.

That's all, friends.  Good day!


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