Daily Update #29

So ….

Been a few days since I posted.  Not a whole lot has gone on lately but this is probably my last entry before the end of the month; I'll be taking a sabbatical for a few weeks to do some heavy renovation on the ole' homestead and will probably be too exhausted to do much writing.

– I've been unusually prolific in my submissions, with about six stories out in the last week.  No responses back yet but you have to start somewhere.  One of them is from my writing exercise (see this entry), a fun little YA-level tale involving witches and high school.  The storyline has potential for expansion.

– I'm trying a writing exercise in second person this week, first time I've done it in a long time.  It's … a struggle.  I might post it up here once done, for comments.

– Evil Dead remake.  I saw it.  Meh.  As usual, it is often best not to mess with classics – even cult classics.  They are known as classics for a reason.

– I just read via NeNe Thomas's blog that artist Quinton Hoover passed away a few weeks ago.  Damn, that sucks.  Hoover was only only 49 and had a very brisk style that I much appreciated.  The fantasy art world is poorer for his passing.  It's been a rough couple of weeks; former SFWA president Andrew Offutt also died a few days ago.

– I still have yet to get caught up on watching Game of Thrones.  Driving me batty, since some of my cube-mates insist on talking about it in loud tones on Monday mornings.  I usually choose that moment to grab my coffee and take a brisk stroll.

– I was at a going-away party last night for a friend.  A bunch of people made fun of my cell phone cover (seen here), specifically because it apparently is not "manly."  They all ended up calling me "Aquaman" due to the color.  I care not; I like the cover and I am keeping it.  Besides, Mrs. Axe appreciates that I am capable of running power tools and hanging drywall one moment, and accessorizing my phone the next.

(Muse:  What does that have to do with writing?)

Nothing, I just like the story.

Anyway, dear friends, hang loose and perhaps I will drop in sometime in the next few weeks.  Cheer-i-o!


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