Short Term Goals for Apr 13 – Review

Okay, I had a pretty decent April.  Let's review:

– Finish Pilgrimage to Skara.
Check. Finished this month, with the plan to revise this summer.

– Write one other short story.
Did it. I actually wrote four flash pieces as part of my weekly challenge with my buddy.

– Make three submissions.
Bueno. I managed to do five, and probably could have done more.  Still, I met the goal.

– Post here at least twice a week.
Yarp. Eleven posts for the month, which isn't too bad.

There won't be any goals for May, since I will be doing some work in Arizona for a few weeks, and I have some unfortunate business to take care of at the end of the month.  I should have … more time on my hands come June, so I'll come back and do this next month.

In the meantime, I'm gonna have a beer to celebrate completing all my objectives.  Wait, no beer.  Okay, Diet Mt. Dew it is….


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