Apple-y Ridiculousness

I hadn't planned on posting tonight but what the hell.

Apple caused a minor dust-up today by banning a downloadable comic (from their App Store) that featured scenes of homosexuality.  The comic, Saga, written by Brian Vaughn (who wrote Y: The Last Man (an underrated comic) and worked on the TV show Lost), wrote previous issues of Saga with a lot of explicit content.  It's a good thing Apple doesn't have the previous issues on their site.

No, wait.  Earlier issues of Saga had some very explicit heterosexual content.  The first panel of the first issue had two characters making the beast with two backs.  It's available for download, as are other issues.

People who know me I don't carry any water for interest groups, be they gay or otherwise.  So why bring it up?  Actually, I have a certain amount of schadenfreude in writing this, since I have never been an Apple supporter and I like seeing them stub their toe.  Besides, actually banning a download of something you're already carrying feels like micromanagement, something that pisses me off to no end.  Anyway, did a full write-up of the kerfluffle.

Look, Apple can do whatever they want.  It's a free country.  But I'd hate for them to look like hypocrites, so it's a good thing they don't have episodes of the TV show Spartacus for download, with the graphic man-on-man action depicted therein.

No, wait….


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