We’re Gonna Get You

So ….

The re-make of The Evil Dead opens tomorrow.  For those who don't know, it is something of a cult classic in horror movie-dom.  The movie concerns five friends trapped in the woods after one of them (the awesomely studly Bruce Campbell, in his earliest lead role) accidentally releases ancient demons.  From the trailer, the remake looks to follow the same basic story arc, but with more gore – though, by 1981 standards, the original was unbelievably gory.

I am of two minds about the remakes.  Every once in a while, a remake meets or exceeds the original.  I still think The Magnificent Seven is a better overall film than Seven Samurai.  But most of the time, remakes simply fail to capture the spirit and charm of the first one.  I hope this one is the former, because I would hate to see the legacy tainted.

Anyway, here's the relatively-calm trailer (the green-band, or approved for all audiences).  If you have a strong stomach, you can watch the unrated (the red-band) trailer here instead, but I hope you're not easily shocked or offended.

Anyway, I'll go check this out at some point.


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