Garfield Minus Garfield

Okay, so I am behind the power curve quite often.  But somehow I overlooked this years ago:  it appears there is an entire site dedicated to a modified version of the comic strip Garfield, where the namesake cat is removed, leaving his owner Jon to carry on seeming conversations with himself.  The result is both amusing and haunting, as the strip delves down into the psyche of a lonely man living his life in quiet desperation.  The overall reaction seems quite positive, including a favorable reaction from Garfield's creator, Jim Davis.  (See here and here and here.)  It's a minor change but therein lies the ingenuity; with a simple alteration, the entire meaning of the strip is altered.  It's neat.

There's no real point here other than this:  in the dark bowers of the night, when I feel frustrated or have seemingly-insurmountable writers block, little discoveries like this reassure me that there are still countless good ideas out there, waiting to be discovered.

(Muse:  What do you mean discovered? This has been out for years, dork.)

If I haven't seen it, it's news to me.  So shut it.


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