The Horror of Horror

Today, while ostensibly minding my own business, I received an email today regarding an upcoming story of mine to be published.  Not a big deal but I was extended an invitation to join the Horror Writers Association, subject to their normal admittance guidelines.  Reading those, I believe I qualify as an Affiliate (non-voting) member based on my credentials.

I am torn.  On the one hand, the offer was extended (something that has not happened from SFWA) and being part of these associations is just part of a writer's professional development.  I expect to be part of a few before all is said and done.  The networking and exposure would balance the membership dues.

One the other hand, writing horror is my tertiary love.  I really love fantasy but if I had to choose, I'd like best of all to write pulp-y adventure fiction, like Flash Gordon, Indiana Jones, or Conan.  I've tried.  Either I am no damn good at it, I market it to the wrong outlets, or there just isn't the readership.

So why do I sell more horror than anything?

(Muse:  Are you really teeing me up a softball about the blackness in your soul?  Really?)

Well, there is plenty more blood and gore where that came from, so I'll keep writing the dark stuff.  After all, a guy's gotta eat.


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