Cat Speaks Wisdom

No, not the four-legged variety (unless there is something she isn't telling us).  In this case, it would be the inestimable Cat Rambo, who has forgotten more about this business than I am likely to ever learn.  She made a post at SFWA on improving one's central Author page at Amazon.  Considering the source, I think it's all very good advice.  Mostly common sense but the longer I trod this world, the less common such sense feels.

Full disclosure:  this is a much a reminder post to myself as anything else.  I want to set up an Amazon author page and this is good advice I'd rather not lose.

(Muse:  So you're abusing the good will of your readers for selfish ends?)

You make it sound sordid.

[Edit:  I hate LJ's new posting system, and the option to use the old one seems to have vanished.  Breaking my balls….]


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