Daily Update #27

Ah, okay.

– I finished a short story I titled, "The Lightning Bears."  I haven't done a lot of experimentation with frame stories before, so I thought I would try it.  It's only about 2500 words and I wrote it all in one sitting.  For grins, I posted it over at FWO.  For more grins (highlight for spoiler), this isn't set in Cameron's Avatar world, this story came to mind when I found out Avatar would have a sequel, as this is the only way it can logically end.  Not necessarily an original tale but I hope the "frame" strikes a chord.  I'm about halfway through a second story in the last few days, working title being, "Peerage of the Undying."  Conceptually, I think it is awesome.  In execution, I think I am going to botch it.

– In the course of my daily surfing and such, I stumbled on this list of plotting tools and exercises.  I wish I would have found this months back when I was making my half-assed attempt at talking about building a plot.  This is much more in-depth – maybe even too much so.  Still, good items for consideration … and an exhibit about the persistence of information on the internet (which is why you never want to curse out your boss or post a picture of yourself blowing a poodle, or something, because it will live out there forever).

– Like some kind of half-brained moron (Muse:  Yeah, some kind….), I neglected to mention that my plucky writing cohort Lesli put together a series of writing from our mixed circle of writer friends and popped it out on Amazon.  How I neglected to mention this before, I know not.  Anyway, here's a link to Trespass over on Amazon, an excellent little collection of eight tales, all for a buck.  Go take a look, I'll just be sitting here reading this racing form.  Go now!

– Speaking of Amazon, I started reading a quiet excellent old-school fantasy book by Anthony Ryan called Blood Song.  The story background is about a "barbarian" warlord captured by his enemies, during which he tells his tale to a traveling scholar.  The character development has been engaging.  Very, very good work.  You can check it out here, with it's near universal five stars.  Yeah, so far, it has been that good.

– I saw here that J.J. Abrahms is likely to direct the next in the Star Wars series (number VII).  I have mixed feelings about that.  Though I am not quite of the opinion that he wrecked the Star Trek series, any time you take a major cultural franchise and phase shift it like that, there is always a risk.  (Remember New Coke?)  It might work out all right, so I guess we'll see.

That's all for today, friends.  Thanks for sticking with me this far, if anyone did.


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