The Eternal Writer

So I see from this that writer Michael Moorcock turned 73 yesterday.

If there was a guy I ever aspired to really emulate in terms of style and epic-building, it would be Moorcock.  (I attempt to emulate Stephen King for his level of success, but then, doesn't everyone want to be that successful?)  I remember first reading the Elric books when I was in college and not only being drawn into the characterization of his anti-hero and the brooding tale, but the sheer scope of his universe.  The idea of a hero who hopped between realities and across time to struggle against incarnations of the same villains resonated in my little pea brain the way few others had.

Moorcock is personally interesting to me.  He is an anarchist, while I tend to be more of a libertarian.  Not the same but some similarities – and those similarities carry over into his writing, which is one of the things that draws me in.  He also likes to make his points obliquely, without preaching, which is a sure turn off to me.  And he's somewhat self-deprecating, which I appreciate, since I do not take myself (or anyone else) too seriously.

I'd love to have a beer with the big guy someday.  Keep writing, MM.  We love you, buddy.


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