Three for Four

A couple of posts ago, I posted on my short-term goals.  Let's review:

– Finish writing the story about the imp being thrown out of hell
Check.  It's a piece of shit, but it's done.  Not as funny as I wanted, so maybe I will revisit it when I feel up to it.

– Log 3K words in my novel.
Check.  Just barely, at 3031 words since then I posted that entry.

– Get four submissions done.
Check.  Did exactly four and even had two rejections already!  Yay!

– One journal post a week.
Fail.  @#$%^.

Okay, it was a useful exercise, since I had to be accountable for myself.  I started to do this once before and with everything spinning up for my trip over here, I had to drop it.  I can't do it this month; if I could, I would be working on my NaNoWriMo entry (which I really, really wanted to do this year).  Unfortunately, I will be back at home on my two-week mid-tour vacation this month and I doubt Mrs. Axe will leave me much time to do any writing for those two weeks.  We will be much too busy swinging from the chandeliers.

(Muse:  Wait, what?)

Never mind.

I'll look at taking this concept back up in December.  We'll see.  In the meantime, I have a few more journal entries percolating.


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