Daily Update #26

Hey, didn't I just do this?  Well, yeah.

–  I completed a short story about a deep-dwelling ocean entity and posted at FWO – my first such post in over a year.  I am having a very hard time forcing myself to carve out the time to write, so any impetus – in this case, the website monthly contest – that keeps me moving is a good one.  I’m working on one for the next prompt.  Even if I don’t submit, it still keeps me writing.

– On that note, sometimes providence smiles upon you and gives you the kick in the rear you need.  I was invited to participate in a reprint anthology to be posted on Amazon.  True, I don’t have a wide swath of published stories to choose from but I will pick something out.  With the exception of my most recent tale, I believe the electronic rights  have reverted to me on all my publications (which I will confirm beforehand).  It's a nice ego-boost to be invited.  More importantly, ever since then, I have been thinking more about writing and pushing stories for publication.  Sometimes it’s good to get a nudge.

– But on the other hand, my progress on Pilgrimage has almost ground to a halt.  I did several thousand words a few weeks ago and nothing since.  Annoying.  I need to go ahead and get that draft finished.  Mrs. Axe jokes that I need to have a novel sold by mid-2014 or I won’t be able to come in the house anymore.  At least, I think she’s joking.

– I finished reading a book titled Ancient Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire on my Kindle.  It doesn’t do a blow-by-blow chronicle of Roman history but looks at some pivotal moments throughout, from the inception of the Roman Republic, to the fall of Rome in 476, which finished the Western Roman Empire for good, a full generation after the word “empire” had been rendered a mere fiction.  If you like ancient history, it’s a good read.  Sex, violence, betrayal, rebellion – in other words, lots of good Roman stuff.  And there is a lot of discussion about how the old Republic wasn’t as egalitarian as one might think.

– I see that Harry Harrison died.  I never got around to reading Make Room! Make Room! but it has always been on my long list.  Another big guy goes down.  Rest well, my brother.

I have another death-related post but I will cover that in another installment.

In the meantime, stay thirsty my friends.


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