Daily Update #25

Wow, been six months since I did one of these.

– I finished writing a short story about a druidic woman fighting with demons who live in asteroids.  If it sounds odd, it was – er, is.  Over at Fantasy Writers (see links to the left), they have a writing contest and while I haven't entered in a long time, I still watch the prompts to see if anything speaks to me.  I read a prompt a few months back and this idea germinated.  Well, just like New Coke, it sounded better on paper than it worked out in reality.  Much better.

– I did manage to log about 1K words on Pilgrimage today.  That is the first substantial work I've done it in months.  But it felt good to get back in the swing of things.

– The good news is that my non-fiction novel project – my 365-day journal of my time here – is proceeding nicely.  I have yet to miss a day, which is good; I figured I would have bagged the whole project by now.  But 126 days and counting.

– I got a rejection the other day and I realize that with that rejection, for the first time in literally five years, I have none of my writing submitted.  Nothing, not a single story.  Another casualty of being away from home, I guess.

– Saw Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter at the little local theater the other day.  After reading the book and seeing the hype, I guess I was a little disappointed.  I figured for more but what can you do?  We were supposed to watch The Hunger Games but we couldn't get the film to work.  I did get to see Avengers, though, and that totally rocked, so the summer is hardly a loss, movie-wise.

That's about it, dear readers.  Hopefully, I will be back with more tales of intrepidity and dastardly writing very soon.


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