Insert Random Title Here

I stumbled on this while cruising the net:  the Fantasy Novel Title Generator.  Basically, it lets you select a set of number of titles to randomly generate.  I did fifteen and received:

Emerald of Power
Goddess of the Desert Heart
Hirolion's Hunter
Seaِ Curseِ and Dark
Storm and Discord
Sunset and Conquest
Sunset's Conquest
The Aratanor Moon
The Bane and the Citadel
The Island and the Faerie
The Sinash Night
The Southern Magic
The Storm Hunter
Wizard of the Deathless Sun
Zwilion's Keeper

Sadly, about half of those are better that anything I've ever contrived.  #$%^ me.

Here are two more title generators:  one, and then the other.  A couple of fun time-wasters … and maybe, just maybe, some of the titles will trigger an idea or two.


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