Daily Update #24

Ah, another Daily Update.  As usual, not so much on the "daily," but more on random randomness of randomosity that is my writing world.

– Over at SFWA, I read an interesting post by a young lady named Amy Sundberg.  (I tracked it back to her blog Practical Free Spirit).  The post concerned how we as authors deal with our brothers and sisters in the writing world and how that tailors our expectations when dealing with the non-writers.  Interesting thesis and I can relate to quite a bit of it.  Check it out.

– Is it just me or is steampunk more popular than ever?  This is cool and a bummer at the same time:  cool, because I enjoy reading it and having more stories in the genre is a plus.  A bummer, because I haven't gotten off my can to write the steampunk-iest novel I have rattling around my melon.  Does this happen to other folks?  More ideas than you can shake a stick at – or have time to write?  Yeah ….

– Speaking of novels, Pilgrimage to Skara, is right around 70K words right now.  The last couple of months have been tough and the next five weeks or so will be tough, too, though things should settle down in March.  Goal is to finish the first draft by April.  That's two months later than originally planned but will be better than the last one.

– Back to the previous thought, some time ago I placed a notebook next to my writing desk and started writing down all of my ideas, concepts, five word blurbs, and anything else that leads to a story.  Some are great teasers and prompt the entire story arc into my brain the moment I re-read the words on the page.  Others are so cryptic, I don't know what the hell I was thinking when I first wrote it.  For example, one blurb in the notebook reads, "Girl meets Indian with worms in his brain."  I have no idea what that means. 

– I've been reading around in Arcane, where my last story was published, as detailed here.  On the whole, the anthology is pretty damn dark.  Of the ten stories I have read, maybe two had an upbeat ending.  The rest were bittersweet or downright downers.  That's fine and I love the bleakness of the whole thing but it's a lot to absorb at once; I find myself interspersing some comic strips of Pearls Before Swine just to break up the gloom.

– Sometimes, I really wish Amazon published sales statistics.  When my story is in the anthology is one of those times.

– I'm in the middle of playing Elder Scrolls V:  Skyrim.  Outstanding game, and a relatively challenging one to boot.  One of the things I have really enjoyed so far is the wealth of lore and knowledge in the game; books and histories of the realm abound.  Some of the books have game-changing effects, such as raising your skills, but I enjoy them just for reading the stories and now I hoard books in-game, just like the collecting fool I am.  The game's programmers were even savvy enough to include bookshelves in the homes you can purchase, where you can store your libraries.  So what happened?  I filled my shelves and have stacks of tomes on the floor and elsewhere.  Art imitates life.

Okay, that's enough for now.  Monthly stats tomorrow will be a mixed bag.  G'night, all!


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