The year in review and a look ahead


I have returned.  I took another trip to the desert southwest.  Ironically, I returned the same date as I did last year (see this post).  Sadly – and perhaps ironically – I must report that my output for the year 2011 was as bad as my output was for 2010, had I reported it at this time last year.

(Muse:  That's not ironic; that's just pathetic.)

Yes, well…anyway, let's review:

– In 2011, my best achievement was finishing Omega Mage, revising it, and getting it out for peer review.  Thus far, feedback has been very mixed.  I've read worse in print but that is no consolation.  I'm now considering sitting on it and retooling the whole storyline.
– I also penned (typed) over 50K words in my second novel effort.  As a whole, Pilgrimage to Skara will be a better story.  The plot is better, the characters are less super.  Maybe that was my problem with Omega Mage:  I was too afraid to kill my darlings (i.e., I was too in love with my own writing to make the necessary changes to make it better).
– My submission rate was atrocious but I did get to see four stories in print this year, making it my best year yet for that.  Not much by some standards, but better than normal for me.
– I peer reviewed a handful of books and stories – though again, not as good as could have done.

Okay enough talk about the past.  (Muse:  Yeah, what have you done for me lately?)  Shut up!  Just some off-the-cuff goals for this year:

– Finish Pilgrimage
– Start a the first book of my trilogy*
– Complete at least fifteen short stories
– Submit thirty times

* – may change if the super-secret project I mentioned around labor day (here) gets no traction and I have to take it up

Okay, we'll see where we go with that.  I expect to spend some time in the Middle East this year … about 75% sure it will happen for six months or more.  Believe it or not, that will go a long way to removing distractions.

So … on 4 Jan 2012, I expect to be back here reviewing this post, lamenting how poorly I've done.

Wish me luck.


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