Daily Update #23

So ….

– I'm about 55K words into Pilgrimage.  It's going well but I think I am spinning it into a different direction than when I started.  I'm not sure how I feel about such a change; I think it will make the story better but will require some re-writing of earlier sections.  In a short story, it's not a big deal.  In a novel, it'll be harder.

– Omega Mage is still out for peer review.  Not a lot of progress on that front.  I am still reading two other books – one for Critters credit, which I have almost finished, and a free one I downloaded from Amazon, which I will review when I'm done.

– Mrs. Axe wants me to write a dark Christmas tale.  I have a couple of different ideas so I think I am going to back off Pilgrimage for a couple days and see what I can kick out.

– I still have a couple of submissions out but I need to get some of my recent rejections turned back and out again.  The good news is that my story "A Capella" should be coming out in the Arcane Anthology from Cold Fusion Media here sometime soon.  This was one of my favorite stories – and I think one of my best efforts.  It was also the one that freaked my mother out, so that's a mixed blessing (i.e., it must have been creepy since she'd pretty tough but I shouldn't be thrilled with spooking mom).  I wonder if other writers struggle with that too.  Anyway, it'll be out in the near future (will post when it's out).

– I bought a Kindle a few months back and I still really like it.  I signed up for Amazon's daily Kindle deal, which is kinda neat:  every day, they send a notice to your inbox with a book on special for that day only.  The markdown is extreme; something that is normally $8-10 usually drops to $2.99, and books that originally cost less will often drop to $0.99.  There's a lot of debris but I check every day to see if anything is good.  Of course, the one time I saw something that sounded really good (a historical look at John Wilkes Booth and how he came to the position he was in), I procrastinated and ended up not buying it.  What's the lesson?  Don't sit on your ass, I guess.  If Amazon could do anything to improve this process, I would like to see the daily deal tailored to your buying habits.  Maybe they can't arrange for that many markdowns (to support different folks' reading tastes).

That's it for now, true believers.  Until next time….


2 thoughts on “Daily Update #23

  1. A Capella

    Hey, Jonathan,

    I just had to hop over here to say thank you for your fantastic story, A Capella. I’m working my way through reading the PDF of Arcane as I wait for my print copy to arrive, and I’m about half-way through. Your story is BY FAR the best I’ve come across in it so far– not only is it imaginative, beautifully written, with a surprising twist, it managed to hit me like an emotional punch in the gut. It manages to be scary, sad, poignient, and in short, I feel it represents all the best points of dark fantasy. Keep up the good work. I consider it an honor to be included as part of an anthology alongside writing as strong as yours.

    –Josh S.


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