In the course of my daily trolling-

(Muse:  Don't you mean clowning around and goofing off?)

Yes.  In that course, I found this link.  In essence, a collection of comic book creators – you know, the folks who bring us graphical tales of the heroic, odd, horrific, and abstract – are going to create a series of digital comics to support the Occupy Wall Street protests.  Okay, fine; I don't really care who supports what.  The article touches on the different viewpoints of Alan Moore (Watchmen, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), who is pro-Occupy and Frank Miller (300, Sin City, The Dark Knight Returns), who is distinctly anti-Occupy.  This Alan Moore quote leapt out at me:

It’s always seemed to me that the majority of the comics field, if you had to place them politically, you’d have to say centre-right …

Snork!  I know Alan Moore used mind-altering drugs in the past.  Now I'm not sure he ever quit.

This is one of the biggest problems of nation's political discourse:  we cannot even agree on what constitutes "center," "left," and "right."  If the political spectrum exists from 1 (far left) to 10 (far right), then centrist views are 5 or 6.  However, if one shifts the paradigm leftward – to where -3 is far left, 2 is centrist, and 7 is far right, then what is, in reality a centrist view suddenly becomes right of center – and the "8" becomes a drooling fanatic.  (Mark Steyn once said a typical "balanced panel" on European television consisted of the left, the far left, and the loony left.  I think he's right.)  This is what we face today, and Moore's problem above.  Either that or he's purely, medically doped up or clinically delusional.  All three possibilities are equal.

(Muse:  Or he's right.)

From what I've read from comic writers and artists, I'd struggle to say more than 15% fall anywhere at 5 or above.

Now, cue the angry commentary.


2 thoughts on “Snicker

  1. Liberals tend to think that the media is more conservative, while Conservatives tend to think that the media is more liberal. It just depends which side of the fence you happen to be on what your perception is.

    I think anyone making such a claim should back it up with concrete data and studies.


  2. Well

    … the spread you have there isn’t bad, as I would only argue placement on a few of those, relative to the others. Maybe Ennis and Simone one category left, Stan Lee and Roy Thomas one to the right. But the stated problem remains: that whole list should be phase-shifted one step to the left. I’d call Miller a right-center guy (he’s very anti-corporation and anti-religion) and Sims is just a misogynist (which doesn’t automatically make him a right-winger). It’s right back to defining “center” as a 3 … so guys like Miller who should be a 7 look like a stark John Birch lunatic.

    I can’t place Alan Moore on the spectrum because I believe – as you stated Morrison to be – he’s starkers. It’s like if we categorized the rest of these guys/gals into dog breeds, Moore would have to be a cat.


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