Posted just for my feminista friends:

Steampunk powers female characters forward

I'll ask the same question I always ask in these situations:  why is it every time I see a model for writing the "healthy" young female protagonist (i.e., the only one that's politically acceptable), it's always the same?  It's always the self-confident, hard-headed, do their own thing character.  While that character is fine – even admirable – where is the recognition of human foibles?  Aren't flawed characters so much more fun?  (I actually prefer damaged characters, but that's too far for some.)  Yes, I agree, they can be all of those things and still be flawed but that's never brought in to the discussion.  And at the end of the conversation, if these characteristics are good for female characters, why aren't they good for male characters too?

(Muse:  You're stirring up shit again.)

It's what I do.


One thought on “Femme-powered

  1. Romance writers don’t have this problem; they write strong female characters who are real. Why is it a problem outside of it?

    The article is rather amusing as if this is a brand new thing, but the romance genre has been quietly subverting the traditional role of women for years. A romance set in the Victorian era will have a female MC who goes against societal norms and gets away with it. They don’t spend all their time going to balls and parties. 🙂


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