Daily Update #22

So ….

– I broke myself yesterday but got around 3700 good words written in "Pilgrimage."  It hurt, a lot; a spent most of the evening drooling and staring into space.  My goal is to get another 2K today, which would make for a pretty good weekend.  We'll see; I am so not feeling it right now.

– How long is "too long" before an editor responds to a writer?  I suppose the answer is "depends on the editor" but I'm looking for something more general.  An associate of mine recently reported a sale, and that's boffo news for her.  Same venue has had one my submissions for quite a while and I haven't heard back.  According to the publication's (unofficial) stats at Duotrope (hyper-awesome site for submissions, BTW), I'm on the far side of their response window – meaning if they say, "we respond between 3 to 5 weeks", I'm out at eight weeks … but so are some other folks.  I understand that real life happens, deadlines go unmet, and editors fall behind.  I don't place any particular motivation of malice on the editor – but at what point do you go, "Yeah, we really, really, REALLY have to answer our writers?" 

(Muse:  You know it's possible they either lost your entry or it never made it through.  Why don't you ask them?)

Good point, and I will.  Still an interesting question – one I will take up in a later post.

(Muse:  You might as well now, you just blew it by calling them out in public.)

– Cobbled together another submission today.  At some point, I am going to post my composite submission stats.  They aren't good but maybe enlightening for anyone struggling to get theirs sold.  (Hint: persistence.)

– I like to have the TV or music on when I am writing on the weekends, just as kind of white noise in the background.  Football season is harder, since that actually draws my attention.  For the last year or so, I usually flip it on SyFy on the weekends, for whatever bad movies are on – and I do mean bad.  You know, I can forgive bad acting, low production values and bad special effects.  I guess working on a budget means they can't hire good writers either.  If someone said, "Crank out ten bad movie scripts by next month, we'll give you $100 for each," I'd be all over it like Oprah on a baked ham.  Setting aside the fact that I have never written a script (from the technical perspective), I think I could do a better job than the dialogue and plot I see on these shows.  Is that ego speaking?

–  Speaking of TV, the new season of "Walking Dead" starts tonight.  I'll be there, especially since the Sun night football game (Vikings and Bears) sure ain't worth watching.

– Does anyone know a good book on Celtic mythology?  I know there are a ton out there but I am looking for some good reference material, without having to thrash around, digging through volumes.  I will, if I must, but if there is a shortcut, I'm all about that.

Okay, that's all my babble for now, folks.


2 thoughts on “Daily Update #22

  1. Send the publication an email make sure to include the story title and other information in the query. I did lose one or two submissions to the email ogre or forgot to respond. I also had a case where my acceptance got lost in a spam filter, if the author had queried me I would have found out sooner.

    Try looking up celtic mythology on wikipedia. They usually give good reference books on a subject. There might even be a website that is linked to.


  2. Yeah, yeah

    I will check back and see the status. I know what I need to do, just need to get off my duff and do it.

    I’ll check Wikip. Their information is somewhat limited but good tip; I’ll follow the links at the bottom of the articles.



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